Buck A Roo of the Morning Walley   Non-Stop Please Believe Me
"Lars"   "Amanda"
HD-A, ED-0/0,
Eyes: clear / szemek: tiszták
GR_PRA1&2 + PRCD_PRA: clear/mentes,

HD-B, ED-0/0,
Eyes: clear / szemek: tiszták
GR_PRA1: Clear, prcd_PRA: clear


HR/SLO Junior Champion, HR/SLO/BIH/AUT Champion,
SLO/HR Grand Champion, INTER Show Champion, INTER Champion

Club Winner, BOB, rBIS 2016 (HR)
Club Winner 2016 (SK), 2014 (BIH), 2012 (HR)
TOP Retriever 2014 & 2015 (SLO)
Cruft's Special Working Gundog class winner 2015

  RO Junior Champion, MD Champion
Junior Clubwinner (RO)

DOB: 2017.05.03.
2 males/kan & 6 bitches/szuka

Pedigree / Törzskönyv

Buck A Roo of the Morning Walley Majik Truth or Dare Majik Finders Keepers
Majik Vissi D\'arte
Bliss of the Morning Valley Snowdon of the Morning Valley
Lourdes of the Morning Valley
Non-Stop Please Believe Me Goldfashion Keep The Faith Inassicas Blade
Inassicas Water Pea
Isadorable v.d. Beerse Hoeve Batteries Included v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Thank You v.d. Beerse Hoeve


6 weeks old puppies / Kölykök 6 hetesen


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